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Sardine Run 2019 Schedule

Blue Wilderness’s schedule for the upcoming Sardine Run is featured below. If none of these dates suit your expedition, please send us and email to discuss alternative possibilities


Sardine run – Upcoming Expedition Dates

  • Sardine Run 1:      26 May – 2 June
  • Sardine Run 2:      2 June – 9 June
  • Sardine Run 3:     9 June – 16 June
  • Sardine Run 4:      16 June – 23 June

Sardine run – Expedition Timetable

  • 6h30: Breakfast – Quick but wholesome breakfast to set you up for a day on the water
  • 7h00-7h30: Launch – Change into wetsuits, travel to launch site, load kit and set out from East London harbour
  • 7h30-12h30: Outward search – Follow wildlife and sightings reports in attempt to locate and dive on sardine run bait-balls. Includes snorkeling with dolphins, whale, and other sea-life
  • 12h30-13h00: Lunch – When their is a break in the action, we will spend half and hour relaxing and taking in some well earned food!
  • 13h00-16h00: Homeward search – Turn towards East London and continue to monitor, dive and snorkel with the wildlife of the sardine run.
  • 16h00-19h00: Relax and recover – Spend time cleaning up, showering, and relaxing before evening dinner
  • 19h00: Evening dinner – A great two course meal prepared by Santa Paloma Eco-lodge. Time to reflect on the day and plan for tomorrow!